Cory Executive Recruiting is a women-owned startup with a team of independent Executive Recruiters who work collectively on leadership roles in the residential property management arena.

Our Executive Team

Kelsi Cory

Founder, Recruiter

Sacramento, CA

Kelsi founded Cory Executive Recruiting to provide property management companies a superior recruitment service tailored to their hiring needs. She works directly with Hiring Managers and decision makers to understand how she can be the reliable resource they can count on to help build and grow their teams. When Kelsi isn’t in the office, she is enjoying her time traveling, exploring, and playing tennis.

(916) 250-2444
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Antoinette Duniphan

Co-Founder, Recruiter

Denver, CO

Antoinette joined Cory Executive Recruiting spring of 2019. She is a highly skilled recruiter with several years of experience in both agency and executive search settings, and she comes from a very strong background in sales and leadership. She partnered with CER to deliver unmatched recruitment results using a collaborative and consultative approach. Antoinette spends her free time enjoying leisurely activities like painting, socializing, and sipping good wine.

(303) 351-1949
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andrea king

Andrea King


Andrea joined CER in the Summer of 2020. Throughout her career, she has filled many mid-level to executive positions across a wide array of industries utilizing various techniques for long term and successful placements. Her areas of expertise include recruitment strategy and candidate sourcing and screening. Andrea has a strong background in sales, marketing, and advertising and has leveraged her knowledge by this helping consult clients and coach candidates. When Andrea is not working, she is enjoying life outdoors with family and friends. (518) 217-2825
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Anika (1)

Anika Wood

Recruiting coordinator

Anika joined Cory Executive Recruiting in the Fall of 2020. With a passion for people, she has a keen interest in learning about candidate’s stories and assisting them in reaching their career goals. Anika comes from a background in Education and HR Administration, and she brings exceptional organizational skills to the team. When Anika is not working, she can be found outdoors, doing yoga, and testing out new recipes in the kitchen. (518) 217-2825
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Jeff Collins


Jeff joined Cory Executive Recruiting in the fall of 2019.  He is a retired military officer that brings over a decade of recruiting and consulting experience across a wide range of career fields to the team.  His specialty is placing candidates inside the construction management space on a national basis.  When Jeff isn’t in the office, he is enjoying his time tinkering in the garden, cheering for his favorite teams, and advocating for veterans issues. (615) 212-9899
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CER is lead by diversity-driven millennials with a mission to set a higher standard in recruiting.


  • We value hands-on experience versus the traditional college track
  • We’re diversity-driven
  • We’re a women-owned and operated start up
  • We’re a debt free and cash-flowed business model
  • We work from badass home offices
  • We have GRIT & INTEGRITY


At CER, our mission is to engage with property management companies nationwide by becoming their partner by helping them achieve employee tenure, cultural matches, and measurable growth. We concentrate our efforts to connect candidates with the best teams long-term.